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GEN 100/102 Library Assignment: Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you will gain a basic understanding of the services and resources provided by the MCTC Libraries. To complete the assignment, you will need to read through all the tabs/pages in this tutorial and take the library quiz on the last page

IMPORTANT: Read this first!

This tutorial is designed to help you become familiar with the MCTC Library services and resources to help you conduct research for your coursework. It is important that you read the information in this tutorial. Be sure to scroll down the pages to read through all the content in the boxes. After you have read all of the pages and the information in the boxes, you can navigate to the last page in the tutorial to complete your class assignment.

If you need help completing this assignment, use the Ask A Librarian e-mail link or give us a call at (606)759-7141, ext. 66206.


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