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Maysville CTC English 101 Research Strategy Tutorial: Introduction

Learn how to develop a Research Strategy.

Developing a Research Strategy

Writing papers is a vital part of college life.

Before you start writing, ask yourself:

1.What is the assignment?

2.What sources should I consult?

3.What is the best information to use?

Because there are many different sources to consult, using a research strategy is the best way to find the right information. Your goal is to conduct research in a systematic, well organized approach.

Research Tips to Remember

1. When beginning a research assignment, allow yourself adequate time to gather information from a variety of resources.

2. Interlibrary loan,  a process that allows you to request materials not owned by the MCTC Library, can take between one to two weeks for requested materials to be shipped to your campus library for pick-up.

3. The index of a book is your friend! Use books more effectively by reading and using the sections that apply only to your research topic.

4. Use e-books. The library has a large collection of electronice books available 24/7 from with an Intertent connection.  Use them like a print book.  Check the table of contents and index for your topic.  You can print sections, copy and paste sections into a Word document to use later.  Be sure that you cite your e-book appropriately.  


INDEX: A list of subjects and names with pages numbers at the back of a book.

INTERLIBRARY LOAN: A request to another library to borrow a book, DVD, or other library resources.

E-BOOKS: Electronic books are in a digital format that can be viewed on the computer or other electronic device.