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Maysville CTC English 102 Advanced Research Library Tutorial: Instructions

As an ENG 102 student you have mastered basic research skills and strategies. It is now time to dig deeper, refining your research skills, and building upon your research strategies.

Instructions for Maysville CTC English 102 Advanced Research Tutorial

Read through each section, Tabs 1 - 3, at the top of this page.

Look at all the links within each box.

Answer the interactive questions on each page.

After you have read through all three pages, return to the Library Tutorial in Blackboard to complete your assignment.

Now, proceed to  the next tab at the top of this page, 1. Academic Integrity and Plagiarism.

Advanced Research Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to reinforce the Advanced Research process. This can be a very useful tool for doing research for any class.  Please use this as needed.