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ENG 135 Greek and Roman Mythology In Translation Research Tutorial: Evaluating Sources

Criteria for Evaluating Websites

Keep in mind the following criteria (CRAAP Test) when faced with the challenge to accept or reject information:

  • Currency: When was the article or content written? Is it current, timely? Is it out of date? Could the information be written in a historic context? 
  • RelevanceIs the information appropriate for the topic? Who is the intended audience? 
  • Authority: Who wrote the article? Professionals in the field? General public? What are the author's credentials? 
  • Accuracy: Could the magazine article information be verified through other sources?
  • Purpose: Is someone trying to persuade the audience to see a point of view or opinion? Is the information provided to promote or sell a product?  Is the information fact or opinion?


A few books to help you!

Question Everything!

Source: Patrick Bell (Flickr)