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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

#Refining: Search Results

What Can I Find With the Library Search Box?

When you use the library search box, you will find information that will direct you to print books or DVDs the library owns.  You will also find access to journal, magazine, and newspaper articles, ebooks, and streaming videos from many different databases that the library pays access to for you because this information is restricted by the vendor/publisher.

This list explains the different types of materials the library provides access to for you:

  • Books are used for more in-depth research, print or e-books.
  • E-reference books can be used for quick, like subject-specific encyclopedias with authoritative background information, as individual articles.
  • Visual material can be DVDs or streaming video.  
  • Journal articles for scholarly research that include references, citations, data, methods, etc.
  • Magazine articles for quick, current information but does not include research information.
  • Newspaper articles have very current news items, not research quality material.

NOTE: All of these resources are available in individual databases, too. Go to the library Resources page to search in a specific database to focus on a particular subject.


You can do an advanced search by combining keywords or other subjects, and by including other fields by including an author, limiting by date range, or adding other search fields.

When combining keywords together, use the connectors of AND, OR, and NOT to narrow or broaden your search results.

Using these advanced search techniques will help you refine your search in a meaningful way.

primo search box pointing to advanced search button

The Advanced Search link is to the right of the search box.