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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

#Use of Sources: Citing

Importance of Citations

Citing sources is a way to identify and document the sources you used in your writing. Citing sources is a standard practice in scholarly and academic research. By citing sources, your readers can follow the trail you have provided and a way to verify the claims you make in your writing. Most importantly, you are acknowledging the works of others who came before you and their ideas you have used.

Citing a source used in a paper or other assignment is called a citation.  The citation style or format is the way the set of details about the source is arranged.

The basic information about the source, like a book, will include the author's name, book                  the title of the source (book or other material), place of publication, publisher, and date of publication.

magazine                  If the source is an article within a journal or magazine, the details will also include the title of the article, title of the journal/magazine, volume and issue numbers, page numbers, and database if the article is from the Internet or from a library electronic source (i.e. database).

If the source of information comes from other types of material, other requirements of details about the source will be required.  

--from libncsu

Watch this overview that explains why citing sources is important. (Skip any beginning ads/commercials.)