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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

Parts of a Research Strategy

Parts of a Research Strategy

There are four basic parts of a research strategy:

1. Choose a topic.

2. Look for background information.

3. Refine and evaluate search results.

4. Use sources appropriately.

Exploring @ the #MCTCLibrary

You could use a search engine like Google or Bing that will return a large list of websites, but not all the information you will find is college paper/project worthy.  

College professors not only evaluate your thoughts and how well you put them on paper, but where you have found supporting documentation.

When you are ready to begin your searching the best place to start is your MCTC library webpage.  

  1. Use the Library Search Box: the Maysville Community and Technical College Library provides access to online materials you can use at any time and to the material located on the library shelves. Start with the library search box located at the top of the library home page. 

    NOTE: Click the link How to Use the Library Search Box, to the left, for a quick overview of how to use the search box and the library catalog.

  2. Use the Library Resources Page: look for the Resources tile on the library page that provides access to individual databases for a more subject-specific search in electronic journals, e-books, newspapers, and streaming videos.