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MCTC Classroom Virtual Expansion (CVE) Toolkit: Home

CVE Toolkit Sneak Peak

CVE Toolkit

With the onset of COVID-19, there has been a significant shift to an online work setting for both colleges and industries. KCTCS must continue to prepare and train faculty with the skills needed to successfully transition from an all face-to-face teaching and learning model to utilizing technologies that reach students through a variety of modalities allowing for continued learning and successful program completion. 

The Classroom Virtual Expansion (CVE) Toolkit includes the following items: 

•           1 Padcaster Studio

•           2 Swivl devices

•           2 iPads (for the Padcaster and Swivl)

•           2 GoPro Hero7 with accessory kits

•           3 vlogging video cameras and tripods

•           3 graphics tablets

To check to see the full list of tools and availability, visit the MCTC Library's Primo Discovery page for the collection



Swivl CX Unboxing on Youtube
Swivl Teams Brief Overview on Youtube

Printable Step by Step Audio Guide - Print just the page you need! Teachers like to print out 1 page to keep next to their Swivl for the first few times they do setup. Our setup guide features Android and iOS mobile devices.
Training Slide Deck - This will go over basic robot setup and live stream. Included is Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams for your live stream options here. 
Swivl Training Webinar Registration- Webinars are offered 4/x day on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Bring your questions and learn more about Swivl.)
Directions for Repairing the Swivl base with a new Primary Marker-- Occasionally, you may need to switch your Markers from one Swivl base to another. This might happen if a teacher accidentally misplaces the Primary Marker. You can use any secondary marker as the new Primary. Tip - Remove the colored sticker so you keep track of markers within the Swivl app settings. The Primary Marker should always remain black (without a sticker).

Prolonging Battery Life

Charging (You should plan on 6 hours to charge the Swivl robot base from fully dead to fully charged).

Marker Muting during Live Stream
Sanitizing the Swivl Kit

Video/Vlogging Camera

camcorder image


Podcaster Image

GoPro 7 Hero 7

GoPro image

Huion Tablet

Huion Inspiroy Ink image

CVE Toolkit Borrowing Policies

MCTC faculty may check out the CVE Toolkit items according to the following policies: 

1. Review FERPA Q&A!  

2. Earn your Engaging Video: Explorer digital badge by viewing training materials provided by the KCTCS Office for Professional Development and Innovation. 

3. Certain equipment in the toolkit will be designated for CTE faculty/staff to have priority use. Gen-Ed faculty may use when not in use by CTE faculty. Video/vlogging cameras and graphics/pen tablets do not have a Perkins designation and may be used by all faculty/staff. 

4. Faculty must present their employee ID card to check out the toolkit items.

5. Items will check out for 1 week

6. Items should be used on campus

7. Refer to Information Technology staff and the Academic Coordinator for assistance with the equipment. 

8. Any files and recordings on the devices should be deleted prior to returning to the library. 

9. All components must be returned! A checklist may be provided at check-out, and is available for printing from this library guide for each tool. 

10. Faculty MUST complete the Classroom Virtual Expansion Toolkit Faculty Report (link is below) upon return of the toolkit items. 

Other Information to Know: 

Check on devices and/or with IT staff to use specific applications that have been loaded onto devices, such as Camtastia, for basic editing of projects. You may use Open Broadcast Software (OBS), an open-source application recommended for video recording for projects created using the CVE Toolkit. 

More Digital Tools for Education

MCTC Library Books Availalble

Below are a few books available at the Maysville Campus Library faculty reserve collection. To see the full list, visit the Online Learning Reserves list in Primo Discovery Service.