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Maysville CTC English 101 Research Tutorial: Use Primo Search

One search box is here!

The single search box of Primo for a Google-like search!


  • A new, faster way to search library collections — a single search box for books, e-books, magazine and journal articles, DVDs, audio, and more.
  • A click or two will take you to the full text of articles or show whether a book is available on the shelf.

Why Use One Box Search?

Common features of a single search box includes:

  • Single search across multiple databases, including the library catalog
  • Fast response time
  • "Refine My Results" options and other tools for selecting and using the results
  • Connections to full text via direct links
  • User accounts and other features
  • Mobile access capability

To search in Primo, simply go to library webpage, enter your search terms in the box next to the Primo logo, and click “Go.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I use Primo?

A. Primo is the way to search for scholarly, quality, college-level sources of information. For example, it can be useful in any of the following scenarios: 

  • If you have no prior knowledge of a topic, start with Primo.​
  • If you need to quickly find high quality items on a particular topic (For example: "I need three good sources on [XYZ]).

Q. I can find articles on Google Scholar. Why can't I just use Google instead?

A. Primo is similar, but this is why Primo is a better search tool than Google Scholar:

  • Primo has all the listings from the library's online catalog plus access to most of the other library electronic resources such as the magazine, journal, newspaper, e-reference books articles, and the library's e-book collections.​
  • Primo shows the materials found within the library and what the library has online access to - Google Scholar can't do that!

Q. When should I search individual databases?

A. Although Primo will return a wide range of results, you may need to search more specifically for information by individual database or one of the resources that Primo does not list.  

  • Streaming video and some of the other electronic databases are not searchable through Primo.