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ENG 135 Greek and Roman Mythology In Translation Research Tutorial: Finding Sources

This is better than Google!

Greek and Roman Mythology

Source: Giovanni (Flickr)

Library Literature Resources

What Kinds of Resources are Available for Research?

What kind of sources should I use for research? 

Whatever sources you use, be sure to apply evaluation criteria beforehand and make sure you include the correct citation of each source within your paper and on your works cited page. When searching in Primo or in the MCTC Library databases, recognize the differences between research-based articles and opinion (commentaries and reviews)! 

Primo: Search many type of resources at once: the library catalog for books, databases for articles, ebooks, and more.  Refine your search to narrow down more specifically to your topic. Go directly to Primo.

Books: These are available through MCTC in print or electronic versions. These can be located in Primo by selecting the magnifying glass icon and choosing "Library Catalog - Maysville CTC All". 

Databases: These are authoritative resources that index citations or full-text availability of articles, often in PDF format, on a wide variety of subjects. Databases can also contain additional formats and information content such as photographs, graphs, videos or audio files. The MCTC library subscribes to many databases, such as ProQuest, and provides access to EBSCOHost through the Kentucky Virtual Library. You may find specific literature resources within Literary Reference Center Plus

Newspapers: These are available in the library in print and through backdates and online through our Newspaper Resources guide.

Government documents: Many such documents are available online through trusted websites such as the U.S. GPO and States and local municipalities also publish information online.

Audiovisual resources: Videos, DVDs, books on CD and audio CDs are available to check out at your campus libraries. MCTC Library also provides online A/V resources such as Encyclopedia Britannica Media Collection and Library of Congress Digital Collection.

Primary documents: These include letters, diaries, interviews and other first-hand accounts. You can gather these from a variety of sources, including through your own interviews.

Other websites: Be cautious when using Internet sources but some you may use, which are available freely, include MythWeb, Encyclopedia of Myths, and Ancient History Encyclopedia

Not All Articles are Created Equally!


 Scholarly & Research Journal

 Professional, Trade & Industry

 Commentary & Opinion


 Popular Magazines


 Advances in Building  Energy Research

 American Journal of  Psychology

 Clinical Journal of  Nursing Oncology

 Cabinet Maker


 American Libraries

 New Yorker

 Mother Jones


 New York Times


 Wall Street Journal

 O: The Oprah  Magazine

 Rolling Stone



Values & Uses

Reports of original research; in-depth analysis of issues related to the discipline; Academic-level book reviews; Refereed or peer-reviewed

Current trends, news and products in a field; Company, organization and biographical information; Statistics, forecasts; Employment and career information; Book and product reviews

Commentaries on social and political issues; Some in-depth analysis; Political viewpoints, liberal, conservative and other; Sometimes acts as a voice of activist organization; Speeches and interviews; Book reviews

Current information; Hard news; Local and regional information; Classified ads, Editorials; Speeches; Book reviews; Primary source for information on events

Current events; Hot topics; Primary source for analysis of popular culture; Short articles; Generally not much depth; Interviews


Academic; Can be very technical; Uses the language of the discipline

Written for practitioners; Can use jargon extensively

Written for a general educated audience

Written for a general educated audience

Non-technical language


Researchers, academics, professors, scholars, etc.

Practitioners in the field or journalists with subject expertise

Extremely variable; Can be academics, journalists, representatives of various “groups”


Generally, journalists and freelance writers


Footnotes and bibliographies; Often extensive documentation

Occasional and brief bibliographies; Sources sometimes cited in text

Occasionally cite sources in text or provide short bibliographies

Rarely cite any texts in full

Rarely cite any sources


Universities, scholarly presses or academic/research organizations

Commercial publishers or professional and trade associations

Commercial publishers or non-profit organizations

Commercial publishers

Commercial publishers


Graphs, charts, formulas, depending on the discipline; no glossy or color  advertisements

Photographs, charts, tables, illustrations of all sorts; Occasional glossy advertisements

Wide variety of appearance; Some very plain, others have gloss

Pictures, charts, advertisements

Very glossy, Full of color and various advertisements

Access Tools

Contact your Librarian for more information!

Library resources/databases such as EBSCOhost (Academic Search Complete), ProQuest (Research Library), Gale Cengage collections (Academic One-File)

Business databases such as ProQuest Career and Technical Education, Vocation and Career Collection, and Criminal Justice Collection

Databases such Gale Cengage Popular Culture Collection, Opposing Viewpoints in Context and EBSCOhost TOPICSearch; Limited content freely available online in some cases

Databases such as ProQuest Alt+Presswatch, Gale Cengage Newsstand, EBSCOhost Newspaper Source;

Limited content freely available online in some cases

Library resources/databases such as EBSCOhost (Academic Search Complete), ProQuest (Research Library and Alt+Presswatch), Gale Cengage collections (Academic One-File); Limited content freely available online in some cases