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HUM 120: Introduction to the Humanities: Library Citation Resources

Cite it right!

Any time you use a quote, summarize, paraphrase or any way refer to works created by other authors, you must provide an appropriate citation within your research paper as well as a separate comprehensive Reference (APA) or Works Cited (MLA) page listing all sources used in your work.

There are different citation styles or formats used by authors for their research, such as MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association).

Although MLA format is typically within most diciplines within the liberal arts, always consult your syllabus or ask your instructor to find out which format you need to use to cite your sources.

This guide will provide you with some library resources as well as online websites to help you cite it right!

What is plagiarism?

Examples of Citing Sources

Best, Gerald M. Iron Horses to Promontory. San Marino, Calif: Golden West Books, 1969. Print.

Francaviglia, Richard V.. Over the Range : A History of the Promontory Summit Route of the Pacific.
     Logan, UT, USA: Utah State University Press, 2008. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 8 January 2016.

Journal Article from Library Database:
"Stillman, J. D. B." Industrial Revolution Reference Library. Ed. James L. Outman, Matthew May, and
     Elisabeth M. Outman. Vol. 3: Primary Sources. Detroit: UXL, 2003. 85-97. U.S. History in Context.
     Web. 8 Jan. 2016.

Journal Article from the Internet:
​Stillman, J. D. B. "The Last Tie." Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine. 3.1 (1869): 77-84.
     Rpt. in N.p.: Humanities Text Initiative, n.d. Making of America Journal Articles. Web.
     08 Jan. 2016. <;view=image>.

APA (American Psychological Association) Citation Resources

Need help with your research project?

Do you struggle with doing research? Do you have trouble figuring out what resources to consult for research? Are you confused about MLA or APA citation? Then, you should check out the Research Succes Toolkit! The link to this LibGuide below will provide you with a roadmap to complete your next research assignment from start to finish.