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If you can #Hastag, you can find Keywords

Google Web Search

A word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic. -- Google Definition

hashtag  By hashtagging certain words or phrases in social media, you identify an idea by a common topic.  Searching for your ideas for a research assignment is a similar search.  

Build a list of keywords to use in Primo, the library catalog, online databases, or any electronic resource.


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How to Choose Keywords

List keywords -- the words and/or phrases that describe the topic.

Once you start using your keywords, you will find other words related to your topic that may be more appropriate. Keep track of those words, too.

1. A good way to find related words is to use a Thesaurus. is an excellent free website that can help.

2. Use truncation. The computer will locate alternative endings for a word when you place an asterisk -- *- at end of the root of a word. For example, use Medic* for “Medical” and “Medicinal”. The computer will search for all the different endings related to your root word.

Look at the links below for more help on choosing keywords.