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Faculty Resources

Borrowing Policies

1. Students and community patrons may check out six (6) library items (book + DVDs). Books check out for four (4) weeks at a time.   Renewals are for an additional 14 days.

2. A maximum of two (2) DVDs may be checked out at a time. DVDs check out for one (1) week at a time. DVDs with more than two (2) discs in the case will check out as two (2) DVDs. No renewals.

3. Students must present their official MCTC student photo ID card to check out library materials.

4. Community patrons may register for a free card.

5. Any student or community patron with overdue items will not be allowed to check-out additional library materials until the overdue materials have been returned.

6. Students and community patrons will receive notices for overdue items via email.

7. If any material is lost, the replacement cost is $30/book, $20/DVD. If the material(s) is returned no overdue fines will be assessed and replacement costs will be forgiven.

8. All library patrons will be assessed replacement costs if any item is returned damaged, regardless if the material is returned on time or late.

9. A HOLD will be placed on a student's record in the Student Self-Service portal for lost or damaged items. The hold will remain until the student's library account is reconciled at the library. Students will not be able to register for classes or obtain a transcript of grades until the library account is resolved.

10. Reserve items placed by faculty for courses will have limited check-out periods, i.e. 2 hour in house, overnight, 3 days, 1 week, or 2 weeks. Normal replacement costs are applied for books and DVDs if not returned.

  • Anatomy models are to be checked out and used in-house only or in the tutoring lab.  All models are to be reassembled with all parts in the correct positions.
  • Microscopes are to put in “down” position and covers replaced. 
  • No fines for late returns.
  • If reserve items are not returned on time a Lost Item Notice will be sent via email.
  • Students are responsible for the replacement cost if not returned.
  • Holds will be placed on student records for lost items.

11. Equipment, i.e. headphones, phone chargers, laptops, etc., are to be checked out for 2 hour in-house use only.

12. Use of the Maysville campus study room may be reserved by students, employees, or community users.  Photo ID cards/library must be used to check out the study room key. 

Revised April 2020