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MCTC Quality Assurance Faculty Support


Referred to as the KCTCS Essential Standards (KES), they establish 21 minimum standards that all online courses are expected to meet. Drawn from the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) rubric, they offer guidance in effective practice across four categories: Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support.

Online students often take courses at colleges other than their home college, and the KES help ensure that your college’s students will have a high-quality experience even if they take courses at a different college. This consistency means that students are sure to get a great education and colleges can be assured that their sister institutions are doing an excellent job of preparing students.

KES Essential Standards

To learn more about the KCTCS Essential Standards, visit the full KCTCS Online SharePoint site. Each of the four KES categories are listed below with direct links to the standards.

Category 1: Course Design 

Category 2: Interaction and Collaboration

Category 3: Assessment

Category 4: Learner Support