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IRW 085/095 Library Tutorial: Writing Help

Using Outlines

One tool many researchers use to organize their work is outlining. Outlines arrange the content of a research project in a hierarchical order and are often written or jotted down before writers begin actually writing. This tool can also help with brainstorming and writer's block. Below are some resources to help you use this tool to get your research project on track.


Check these out!

Below is a list of reference books located within the MCTC Libraries to help you properly cite your resources.


MCTC Books Available

The library has many books on the shelf and online to help you complete your research assignments. Here are just a few titles!


The one of the most important things to keep in mind when writing a research paper is to AVOID PLAGIARISM! Plagiarism can be DELIBERATE or UNINTENTIONAL so be careful how you use the the resources you have gathered during the research process.

Take OWNERSHIP of your research project and consider it an opportunity to learn and grow academically or otherwise. Research a topic you are interested in or are passionate about! Doing research CAN be rewarding!