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Digital Presentation and Instruction Tools

Creating Digital Projects

Creating digital projects, for education or for other purposes, can be a concise way to tell a story and share information with impact. Furthermore, a 2018 Canadian study, "The Coming Skills Revolution: Humans Wanted," discussions with students, workers just entering the workforce, educators, policymakers and employers in all sectors overall indicated that foundational skills needed in the workplace, among others, include digital and technological skills to help advance employers in an increasingly digital global economy.* 

There are many tools freely available online for educational projects and instruction and this guide is, in no way, an exhaustive resource for all the resources available.

Always seek and evaluate data and information with a critical eye and use sources that are accurate, timely and present "the whole story." In other words, do your research to make sure the information you provide is valid and thorough. And ALWAYS cite those sources!

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay