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ENG 102 Advanced Research Library Tutorial 2023-2024


Learning Objectives: In this tutorial, you will move beyond learning about constructing your research question, developing keywords and employing basic search strategies to find information for your class assignments. After completing this tutorial and the quiz in Blackboard, you should be prepared to:

  • Identify and critically evaluate information formats/sources to be used for your information need(s)
  • Synthesize information from sources to complete research assignments
  • Develop a proficiency in citing sources

Continue with the tutorial by reading the directions below! 

Instructions for MCTC Library Advanced Research Tutorial

STOP! Read the instructions below before proceeding! â€‹

1. View EACH page, or tab (1-6) within this tutorial. These are located at the top of the tutorial under the page titles. Look over ALL boxes and view all videos! The questions on the quiz will come from the text and videos! 

2. When viewing the videos, follow these tips:

  • You may follow along with the text if you do not have sound. There will be an ellipse (three dots like this ... ) underneath the video. Click on that and a drop-down box will appear. The option to "Open Transcript" will display, if available. Some videos have sound, headphones will be required. At the bottom of the video there is a settings button (looks like a gear). Click on this gear icon and choose to change the speed to go faster or slower. Stop the video at any time to carefully read the information as needed.  
  • You may view the videos full-screen by clicking on the box icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the YouTube video toolbar menu. 

3. Proceed to the "Assignment" page in the tutorial to complete the Library Tutorial Feedback for extra credit. When you are ready proceed to the ENG 102 Advanced Research Library Tutorial​ in Blackboard under "Library Tutorial. 

4. Again, do not skip reading this tutorial before attempting the quiz! Questions on the quiz will come from the text, the other web pages and the videos.