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What resources are available to me for research?

Databases: These are authoritative resources that index citations or full-text availability of articles, often in PDF format, on a wide variety of subjects.

  • You can go directly to Primo to search most MCTC Library books, DVDs, streaming video, ebooks, and journal article databases!. Databases can also provide access to specific formats and information content such as photographs, graphs, videos or audio files.
  • The MCTC Library subscribes to many databases, such as ProQuest, and provides access to EBSCOHost through the Kentucky Virtual Library. NOTE: Take notice of the TYPE of journal article you are looking at online. Some are scholarly, professional journals while others are written for the general population. A number of sources found in databases are REVIEWS or COMMENTARIES so make sure you are choosing the type of source that is best suited to your research assignment. 

Newspapers: These are available in the library in print and through backdates and online through our Newspaper Resources guide.

Government publications: Many such reports and documents are available online through trusted websites such as the U.S. GPO and States and local municipalities also publish information online.

Audiovisual resources: DVDs are available to check out at your campus libraries. MCTC Library also provides online A/V resources such as Encyclopedia Britannica Media Collection and Library of Congress Digital Collection.

Primary documents: These include photographs, letters, diaries, speeches, and other first-hand accounts. Making of America Journals is a free site of older documents. (See the tab for Primary and Secondary Sources Example).

Various websites: Try to determine who is producing the information. Wikipedia is a source to be used cautiously and is best used for finding original sources listed at the end of each article for further reference. 

Personal Interviews: There may be times when you will need to interview someone with specific, first-hand knowledge to gather information. An interview should be cited in academic papers you write for college. 

Whatever sources you use, make sure you include the correct citation of each source within your paper and on your works cited page! 

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