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History Resources: Topics

How to Choose a Topic

Things to consider when selecting a topic:

1. Interest.  Pick something that you are interested in.  Read through your notes or look at the required text headings or index.  Something might pique your interest. Conisder: People, Ideas, and Events.

2. Manageable.  If the topic is too broad for the assignment, you will need to narrow the scope of your research.  Or, if the topic is too narrow or too finely focused, you may not be able to find enough supporting documentation.  Always speak with your instructor if you find your topic is too broad or too narrow.

3. Topic vs. Question. Topic is the broad overall subject; the Question is what you want to find out about the subject.

If you need help deciding on a topic, use this worksheet.

How to create a concept map

When you have a topic in mind create a concept map to help you see how different aspects of your topic are related.

Concept Map Worksheet

Use a concept map worksheet to you identify related topic words to search online and in library resources.  This will begin to aid in your searching.