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History Resources: Where do I start?

Preparing for Research

The best preparation for research is to remain calm!  Keep in mind the following when beginning a new research assignment:

  • Don't wait.  You never know what obstacles await.  Have plenty of time to search and readjust your topic if needed.

  • Be realistic. The research process will take time.  You may need to change your strategy or even your topic.

  • Like your topic! If you have the choice of a topic, you may consider choosing one that you feel passionate or angry about.

  • Know the assignment.  Make sure you understand what you are expected to do in completing the assignment.

  • Develop a strategy.  Where will you start? Books? Journals? Web sources? Topic?  Know where to go to find what you need.

  • Don't go to Google or Wikipedia immediately! The library provides access to many authoritative sources and tools that you should use first.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help! Librarians can help you find appropriate resources for your research assignment and we want you to ask! Your success is our priority.


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