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ENG101 MCTC Library Research Strategy

ENG101 MCTC Library Research Strategy 2022-2023

What is Research?

First, Get Organized!

Writing papers is a vital part of college life.

What do you need to know before you start writing?

  1. What is the assignment?  A paper, PowerPoint, speech, or other?
  2. Where do you search first? Ask friends, instructor, Google, or visit the library?
  3. What kind of sources should you consult? Blog, YouTube, books, library databases?
  4. What is the best information to use for the assignment? Scholarly vs. Popular?
  5. Will I need to look for information more than once? That may be the biggest question of all!

Because there are many different sources and different ways to find information, using a research strategy is the best way to find the right information. Be smart about your research!

Your goal is to conduct research in a well-organized process.

Introduction to What is Search vs. Research

Watch this short video for an overview about research (Skip any beginning ads/commercials).

Research is not only looking for information and facts.

Research is about putting together different pieces of information to find patterns, correlations, and connections.

Most importantly, research is thinking critically about the information you've found.

Research is not a straight line, but a cycle of inquiry and discovery.