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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

Helpful Hints About This Tutorial

Welcome to the library's English 101 Research Strategy tutorial.

Here are a few instructions to help you complete the tutorial.

1. This tutorial will take you through the steps on how to develop a research strategy.  Click on each blue tab on the left side.  Each section is a step in the Research Strategy.

2. Each of the blue tabs have more than one sub-page.  READ each page.

3. There will be several boxes on each page.  Read through all the content within each box. Open the links to videos, web pages, or PDFs.  After you have read the information of each section, move to the next blue tab on the left.

4. This tutorial contains several videos sponsored by other libraries.  The information is relative to the research strategy but they may mention their own library by name or web pages, but you can always go to the MCTC library webpage and search

5. When there is a video, follow along with the text if you do not have sound. There should be a closed caption option                             . Click on that so the words will pop up on the screen.

6. At the bottom of the video there is a settings button                             , click on that and you can choose to change the speed to go faster or slower.  Stop the video at any time to carefully read the information as needed.

7. After you have read through each section of this tutorial there is a quiz to complete in Blackboard.

8. Do not skip reading this tutorial before attempting the quiz.  Questions on the quiz will come from the text, the web pages, and the videos.

9. Before you continue with this tutorial, please verify you have read these instructions by clicking YES and then Submit in the box to the left.

10. Now, go to the blue tab "What is Research?" to start the tutorial.