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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

#Topic: Creating a Concept Map

Plug Your Keywords into a Concept Map


Example of a Concept Map using the topic "Diabetes"
--from ReadWriteThink

Use the keywords you have selected to create concept map.

concept map, also referred to as a mind map, is a tool that will help you visually see your topic.

‚ÄčConcept maps can help you to

  • brainstorm and organize ideas
  • create an outline
  • and help review for exams.

Begin with a central topic (or concept), brainstorm keywords and decide on the major points, expand to thinking about the topic from different angles, so that you can ask more specific questions. This will help you to analyze and improve your map. Now, you have keywords to help you search through the library databases.

The example to the left uses a very simple concept map with the main topic of Diabetes and branching out with main concepts and further details.

Keyword Concept Mapping

Still unsure about selecting keywords? Watch this video to help explain how to select your keywords. (Skip any beginning ads/commercials).