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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

#Refining: Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

Importance of Using Scholarly Journal Articles Instead of Popular Magazine Articles

General webpage articles may be found online through a web search, i.e. Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

College instructors expect you to use published articles that provide citations to research that was used and has been submitted through a review process (peer-reviewed by an editorial board to verify the data or material presented).

These are scholarly sources and are not found on the open web. 

The library provides access to scholarly articles in the databases located on the Resources webpage.

Warning: Using Google or another search engine will not yield the kind of articles your instructor expects.

The difference between SCHOLARLY articles and POPULAR articles:

Scholarly articles are

  • written by experts for experts
  • contain original research
  • give citations for sources used
  • may be peer reviewed prior to publication.

What should you look for to determine if it is
a scholarly article?

  • Abstract (Is there an abstract, a short summary,
    at the beginning of the article?)
  • Author (Who wrote the article?)
  • Journal Title (Sometime it may have "Journal" in
    the title?)
  • Article Title (Is it explanatory about the subject of
    the article?)
  • Volume and Issue Numbers (Is there a volume number,
    or issue number?)
  • Date of Publication (Can you find the date of publication?)
  • Citations (Are sources cited that were used in the article?)
  • References (Is there a list of sources used at the end of the article?)
  • Biography of the Author(s). (This will tell you who
    the author is and his/her credentials.

Magazine articles may be informative but the
information is not necessarily based on in-depth research. 

There are similar parts, such as 

  • Title of the Magazine
  • Title of the Article
  • Author 
  • Date of Publication
  • Page Numbers.










Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

This short video will explain the difference between scholarly and popular (i.e. magazine) sources. (Skip any beginning ads/commercials.)