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ENG101 Library Research Strategy

ENG101 Library Research Strategy

#Background Info: Where to Start

Importance of Background Information

In this step of the research strategy, do some general searching to discover how much information is available. 

While the topic may be very interesting and a worthwhile subject, you need to know if there is enough information to complete your research project.

                computer holding books            The first place students go to is the Internet. That can be a very useful place to do general searching, to see what other keywords may be used, and get an idea of different perspectives. But it is not the place to do all research for a college paper. Not all information you find on the web is reliable or credible.

Take what you learn from a general Internet search and head over to the library webpage to use the resources available there. 

  1. Consider your textbook.  Locate your topic in the index.  There may be information included in your textbook that you can use.

  2. Go to the library webpage, use the search box at the top.  Locate books, articles, or videos.

  3. From the library Resources page select an individual online source (or database) to find credible information. You will have a better idea of how much information is available from that quick search.

Sources for Background Information

As you begin gathering basic information about your topic, the best sources to consult are general online "trusted" reference sourcesSearch one of these for your topic background information.